Group insurance plans


When crafting an integrated benefits plan, we offer expertise in:

·   Creative & updated plan design     

·   In depth Cost Control analysis                          

·   Market study

·   Data Collection   

·   Analysis & negotiation of renewal reports  

·   Production of experience reports          

·   Employee presentations   


What Makes Us Different

We’ve have the privilege of working with our client for 20 years, over changing economic and industry environments. In that time, we’ve learned that our clients value and appreciate the combination of traits that distinguish our firm. Our approach to managing our client relationships is rooted in the following core strengths.

Market Knowledge. Since our founding in 1989, we have provided group benefits for clients through a wide range of market conditions. This track record of experience continues to inform our prudent approach and long-term perspective.

Expertise. Every client benefits from the collective experience of our principals, which spans more than 50 years. Our team-based approach provides access to the specialized expertise of each one of our professionals.

Deep understanding. Before we implement any plan, we determine our client’s goals and objective. We measure these factors against our extensive knowledge of group benefits and government benefits.

Independent Advice. We pride ourselves on providing an objective point of view, without the distraction of conflicts of interest by providing access to all insurance carriers. Our goals and those of our clients are one and the same.

Disciplined plan implementation. Based on the specifics of each client’s situation and their industry, we provide exposure to an appropriate comprehensive plan that to meet our client’s needs.

Rigorous oversight. When implementing a client’s benefits program, we use a stringent process to select insurance carriers which meet the objectives established for our client. Once the appropriate insurance carrier has been chosen, we provide ongoing oversight and make changes as necessary.