We believe that individuals and families benefit from the rigor and sophistication that typically characterize institutional portfolio management. Our approach to managing client assets is rooted in the following core strengths:

Deep understanding.Before we invest any money for a client, we first determine the client’s goals, tolerance for risk, and time horizon. We measure these factors against our extensive knowledge of investments. Only then do we consider asset allocation and diversification.

Disciplined portfolio construction.Based on the specifics of each client’s situation, we provide exposure to an appropriate mix of traditional and nontraditional assets. We also seek to provide diversification within each asset class—across sectors, industries, and countries.

Rigorous oversight.When implementing a client’s investment strategy, we use a stringent process to screen top money managers, selecting one who meets the objectives established for that client. Once the appropriate manager has been chosen, we provide ongoing oversight and make changes as appropriate.

The financial adviser you choose not only will have access to intimate detailed information regarding your personal finances, but also will be the individual entrusted to manage your financial future. Make sure your adviser has:

Strong ethics. The integrity of your adviser is of the utmost importance. It is essential that you can be confident that your interests will always come first.

A global perspective.In an ever-changing global economy, your adviser needs to have the resources and expertise to identify investment opportunities both domestically and abroad.

Knowledge and experience.Managing your wealth is about much more than picking stocks or mutual funds; it requires an understanding of economics, corporate finance, asset valuation, and portfolio construction and management.

Industry recognition.While there are a number of reputable credentials in the financial industry, none are as rigorous or as widely respected as the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation.

The CFA designation symbolizes the pinnacle of professional integrity.

Through its education, standard setting, and advocacy programs, CFA Institute sets the benchmark by which to measure the knowledge, integrity, and professionalism of an investment adviser. When you work with a CFA Institute charterholder, you benefit from:

•          Proven expertise.Anyone can call themselves a financial adviser. When you work with a CFA charterholder you gain confidence that your adviser has achieved one of the highest distinctions, conferred upon a select group of rigorously trained professionals.

•          Strong global investment knowledge.Recognition of the CFA Program’s globally relevant Candidate Body of Knowledge makes the CFA designation the mark of distinction for investment professionals worldwide.

•          Institutional-level investment credentials.CFA charterholders are highly prized by institutional money managers as investment analysts and strategists, pension fund managers, and mutual fund portfolio managers. Those who choose to manage private client portfolios bring those same institutional skills to individuals and families.